Tutto3: The Best Mechanical Pencil for Artists

The best pencil for artists, with 3 different lead calibers, and a mechanism based on gravity; OART

Modern “Mechnical Pencil” For You Class

The Tutto3 mechanical pencil was featured on the website Touch of Modern (ToMo) . ToMo is a members-only eCommerce website and app focus on selling lifestyle products, fashion, and accessories to men. The company is based company is based in San Francisco, California and was launched in March 2012. Tutto3 was on ToMo from November 10th to the 15th and sold over 200 units. Tutto3 is going to be again from May 1st to May 5th. We thank ToMo for the support and for having us on their platform.

Why this is the best mechanical pencil for artists:

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Three in One

Draw with a range of leads that vary in caliber and hardness: This pencil includes 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 mm leads, and has an almost magical mechanism based on gravity: Simply face the icon of the caliber lead you desire, push the back button and your lead will come out. The first time I used this mechanism I almost though that the pencil was reading my mind!

High Quality

Our mechanical pencil is being made possible by a German company established in 1883 and with a history of producing the highest quality writing instruments. It is being manufactured in Japan with top-notch technology and materials. We did not compromise, the body is made out of brass.

Fully Retractable Sleeve

The metal lead sleeve is fully retractable so as to protect the tip and the sleeve when it is not in use and to protect your shirt or pants when you are carrying it! Push the silver button on the upper side of the pencil to instantly retract the tip of the pencil, either to store it or to select another lead.

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